Price increase.

Successful Home delivery of perishable food depends on a variety of factors and two of the most important are :

Superior Packing
Good Delivery Partner

- We use the best packaging in the industry to deliver the food in the freshest possible condition to you.

- As you are aware, we have been trying different delivery partners Ontrac, UPS, FeDEx as well as using Mylapore Express vans in an attempt to constantly improve the delivery experience.

When we launched the delivery service a few months ago, we started with a nominal shipping charge of $5. We have learned a lot since then, regarding the effort and expenditure involved in providing a quality delivery experience. As we continue our efforts to provide a good delivery experience, we are constrained to increase the shipping charges to $10 for all cities in California. This is required to cover a reasonable portion of our shipping cost. Please note this will be effective from Dec 1.

Here is a break down of our costs :

Packing Cost per box : $6.85
Average Shipping Cost : $11.50
Total Cost : $18.35
Current shipping charges : $5
Charges eff Dec 1, 2019 : $10

Thank you for your understanding.


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