Styrofoam usage.

Why we do what we do.


WE DO NOT pack food in Styrofoam containers. We use it for a cushioning effect when we ship our products.

We all dislike styrofoam including us at Mylapore Express.

But the only styrofoam product we use is 32MJ48 which is the code for 32 oz styrofoam containers from DART.

To know why, we need to go back 6 months in time.

Asking customers to pick up food from designated pick up points was not working well with everyone. We decided that to increase revenues and bring in new customers who were not ordering from us because picking up was inconvenient we needed to offer home delivery.

Our first home delivery :

It was a disaster. Several customers complained that their containers arrived broken.
This happened because we were using a third party delivery company and the drivers were driving rash and handling the packages rough and careless.

We then decided to use a courier service for delivery. The boxes that we were using were of a certain size 12x 12x 12 and could fit 8 containers whereas we offered only 6 dishes in our South Indian and North Indian packages. This left a lot of free space and products were moving about and breaking.. We decided to fill the empty spaces by offering Buy one Dosa batter and get one free and this way the box was packed well and tight. Not many people were ordering the batters.
Moreover despite us writing FRAGILE the sorting facility abuses the packages a lot. Packages are handled rough and tumble and fall multiple times.

We then decided to put empty containers as place holders to fill the gaps. This did not help either.
Wrapping in bubble wrap was time consuming and slowing us down.

We tried putting the food containers
into another empty plastic container and double walling them. This was an expensive proposition and waste of money and also did not work well as intended.

I remember calling several people that were in the food delivery business to figure out what to do.

One person said that the industry norm for breakages is 7% and I have to brace the fact and come to terms with it and move on. Every leaking container means disappointed customers that will never order again. 7 out of every 100 shipments breaking and leaking is not acceptable.

One day I was looking for 24 oz styrofoam containers that I can possibly use for encasing my food containers. They don’t make 24 oz styrofoam food containers (they make beverage cups though).
I decided to use an oversized 32 oz container and it worked like a charm. Now our breakages are 1/10th of 1% which is music to our ears. We gladly take back the styrofoam containers and reuse them happily so that we don’t add to the carbon foot print.
What we have not tried is to use 32 oz paper containers in place of styrofoam which we will very soon.

Thank you for your messages,
Calls and emails expressing your concerns about styrofoam use.

We reuse these containers as well as the boxes and insulation material.
Please remember to put them outside your door step and when we deliver to your home we can pick them up.


  • Hello I’m new to the area heard your food is b good & healthy !
    But everything is sold out !!
    Pl let me know how I can get food from you ?

    Prabha gopal
  • Hi , I am planning to start the Food business , recently I have visited in California and my friend have ordered some tiffens and they really taste good . So I am thinking to setup one take away Tiffens center . So please let me know if you have option for franchise it . Appreciated

    krishna mohan
  • My first time ordering, amazing food and service. Delivered on time, packaged and labeled well. Really appreciate the bonus item! Thank you to the entire Mylapore Express team!

  • This was our first order. We ordered yesterday afternoon, got an immediate confirmation and the food was delivered by 7:30 AM today followed by a texted notification. This standard of service is unbeatable. Superb tasty food, very well labelled, packaged, reasonably priced and delivered as promised. Kudos to the organizers. I look forward to a long time association with Mylapore Express.

    Partha Ganguly
  • edTSDRFIgo


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