The story behind our batters.

Some people already know the story.
It was the summer of 2014 and one day my wife gave me a long list of groceries to get from the Indian store. Somewhere in that list featured one tub each of Dosa Batter and Idly batter.
I was quite shocked to see these items in her list as we own a South Indian vegetarian restaurant that features idlies and dosas on the menus. Our wet grinder runs non stop during the week.
I casually asked my wife Sudha Jayaraman
why she would not get the Mylapore Dosa and Idly batters.
My wife usually doesn’t mince words and pat came the reply “your Dosa and Idly batters suck big time”.
That was insulting..!
Fast forward to winter of 2014. One evening we had guests and we were having dosas and idlies for dinner at home. The idlies were super soft and the dosas had a nice golden brown color and were crisp to the point of perfection. I remarked about the soft idlies and the crisp dosas and my wife flashed a grin and said that the store bought one made by *#*}%{^ was fabulous and I could never get that at Mylapore.
I quietly smiled back and said that the batter she used that evening was indeed from Mylapore and I had carefully washed the containers of that name brand batter and reused it to fill our own batter ❤️.

Then came the question : Now that I have nailed the combination why not sell the batter at Mylapore ?
Will it impact sales of our dosas and idlies ?

My chef back then thought it was a bad idea and the move would hurt sales. I thought it was a brilliant idea and implemented it any ways.
Rest is history...!

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