Friday Custom  (order by Wed)

Friday Custom (order by Wed)

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Get your custom box delivered to your home! 

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CUSTOM ORDER (priced $80): 

  1. Pick six dishes from choices below and add them to "Selected Items" above
  2. Order needs to be placed by Wednesday  
  3. Repetition of dishes is allowed. You can select two or more of the same dish. There are certain exceptions like Okra, Tindora etc and ultimately it is all about availability. One of each kind is guaranteed whereas more than one order of a dish is subject to availability. 
  4. If you select less than six dishes, we'll select the remaining dishes for you.


 South Indian North Indian
Rathna Cafe Sambar Paneer Butter Masala
Selavu Rasam 
Lauki Tamatar 
Thalagam - Tirunelveli Specialty
Kadhai Vegetables 
Kaali Daal (made with black beans)
Karamani (Long Beans) Poriyal
Turai Ki Sabzi 
Zucchini Kootu
Aloo Baingan


Price Includes
  • Six dishes of your choice (24 oz each) from the above table

  • Superior insulated packing