• Please choose Delivery Date, Pickup Location on the checkout page. Make sure your name is captured in the comments.
  • Kindly place your orders by 8 PM on Friday for delivery the upcoming Sunday.
  • We will add you to the appropriate WhatsApp Broadcast list (not a WhatsApp group) based on your preferred pickup location.
  • My phone number is 916-925-6200. Please add my number to your WhatsApp directory so that you can get my messages. If you don’t add my number YOU WILL NOT GET MY MESSAGES.
  • We do not offer door delivery of food.
  • You don’t have to bring containers.
  • Refrigerate the food if not being consumed right away.
  • When taking the food to work use an ice pack and refrigerate upon reaching work.
  • Do not refrigerate the Chapatis. Please store them at room temperature in a cool place. When reheating them in a microwave oven, cover them with a moist towel.