Monday Chatpat Special

Monday Chatpat Special

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Food will be delivered between 8 am and 9 pm

IF YOU DO NOT LIVE IN BAY AREA THIS CANNOT BE ORDERED. This is a Bay Area only special due to logistic issues. 

Chatpat Special

  • Pav Bhaji (24 oz bhaji)

  • Vada Pav (4 vadas ) pav is given separate

  • Masaal Puri (24 oz of Yellow vatana masala) 

  • Molaga Podi Idly (5 large idlies smothered in Molagapodi and gingelly oil) 

  • Sabudana Khichdi (24 oz, contains crushed peanuts) 

  • Kanda Poha (made with beaten rice like an Upma, a Maharashtrian Specialty, contains peanuts)

  • Gajar Halwa (this will be 16 oz)

Also includes

  • Entire loaf of Pav Bread- please slice and toast with butter before serving

  • Pani Puri given separate for Masaal Puri
  • Garlic Chutney Podi 
  • Thin Sev 
  • Chutneys

    Limited quantity available