Sunday Custom  XL Delivery

Sunday Custom XL Delivery

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CUSTOM ORDER (priced $100): 

  1. Pick eight dishes from choices below and type your selections in the "Selected Items" box above
  2. Order needs to be placed by Thursday midnight  
  3. If you select less than eight dishes, we'll select the remaining dishes for you.


 South Indian

North Indian

  • Mullangi Sambar 
  • Lemon Rasam
  • Okra Puli Kuzambu 
  • Aviyal 
  • Beans Poriyal 
  • Mixed Veg Poricha Kootu
  • Shahi Paneer
  • Baby corn Masala  
  • Lobiya 
  • Aloo Baingan 
  • Karele Ki Sabzi 
  • Turai ki Sabzi


Price Includes

  • Eight dishes of your choice (24 oz each) from the above table

  • Superior insulated packing

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